Field Office - Honeybee

Honeybee is a complete sales management solution. It comes in the form of an app for sales forces and a comprehensive back-office system for managers. Honeybee simplifies the sales process by reducing admin, planning and reporting, tracking sales, and having detailed comments and client histories.

Honeybee makes businesses more efficient by automatically syncing data to secure cloud storage, capturing data only once (at the source), providing detailed forms and the ability to immediately place and receive orders, in the field.

Honeybee simplifies the sales process using cutting-edge, yet easy to use technology. Empowered managers and sales forces are able to compete and thrive in the challenging modern business environment, using an advanced sales tool that drives the bottom line. Honeybee gets your business buzzing.

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IXUS is a complete solution which assists network operators and compliance assessment companies establish and maintain EMF compliance at base station sites.

From site planning and acquisition stages through to site upgrades and maintenance, IXUS can be integrated with proprietary base station databases, and modified to work with various EMF guidelines and standards such as ICNIRP, ARPANSA and the IEEE.

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Personal RF safety monitors designed specifically for the mobile network operator industry. Whether you need to protect trained RF personnel or untrained contractors working on base transmitter station sites we have a unit for you.

The fieldSENSE units are robust, reliable, intuitive and cost effective so as to be issued to all technical personnel working near mobile telecommunication antennas. These units are calibrated to the ICNIRP exposure guidelines, with the fieldSENSE Occupational and fieldSENSE Public units matching the two tiered ICNIRP occupational and public guidelines respectively.

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