Company History

Through consulting services EMSS identified the local and international need for the simulation of antennas on electrically large platforms. A hybrid solution between the accurate Method of Moments (MoM) and asymptotic high frequency techniques PO and UTD promised to be an elegant and practical solution. Cooperation between EMSS and Ulrich Jakobus, who did research on these hybrid techniques at the University of Stuttgart, followed and resulted in the commercial code FEKO.

In June 2014, Altair Engineering, the US based global leader in the solver market acquired 100% of EMSS-S.A. and its international distributor offices in the United States, Germany and China. This development adds FEKO to the Altair Hyperworks suite of engineering simulation software.

Early projects on human exposure to electromagnetic fields, both locally and for international clients, established an in depth knowledge regarding the requirements in both analysis and exposure management. This knowledge has been extensively used and implemented in the products FEKO, IXUS and fieldSENSE.

EMSS has undergone several major changes during its history. In 2012 the spin-out company, Field Office, was created which draws on EMSS' vast technical knowledge and brings it to the business environment in the form of advanced apps that simplify business processes. In 2014 EMSS-SA (which includes FEKO) was wholly acquired by Altair, an American Engineering and Technology firm. In 2014 EMSS also launched Alchemy A, a technology accelerator which seeks to identify and develop new technologies that adds to the core strengths of EMSS.

More than 70 people are currently employed by the EMSS Group. The experience and knowledge built up over the past twenty years are made available through industry leading products and used by EMSS to assist customers through contract work.

The EMSS Group now consists of three different companies and the main activities include:

  • Field Office: Business development software;
  • EMSS Consulting: Consulting and EMF compliance regulation (IXUS) for mobile network operators;
  • EMSS Antennas: Advanced antenna development.